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Kids Eye Protection 101

Why do kids need extra eye protection?

Kids are more exposed to sunlight because of their active daily lifestyle. Since their retinas are still in the process of developing they are more susceptible to the harmful effects of UVA and UVB light. 

Related imageKids typically spend more time outdoors than adults: children have an average UV exposure 3 times higher than that of adults.

Kids have larger pupils: this enables more UVA and UVB light to enter their sensitive eyes.Related image

Kids have more transparent crystalline lenses: this means that their eyes are less efficient when filtering out UV.


Up to 80% of all UV exposure occurs before the age of 18. 70% of kids do not wear sunglasses.

Blue Light

Screen, tablets and smartphones which use LEDs emit harmful Blue-Violet light. The sun is also a source of Blue-Violet light.

46% of 5-8 year olds use a computer once a week.

Kids spend an average of 3 hours a day watching television, playing on a tablet or smartphone.